Scuf Launches New Call of Duty League PS4 Controllers

Scuf Gaming unveiled its new Call of Duty League collection of controllers on Thursday with 13 different designs available to commemorate teams participating in the first season of the new esports league. These new controller designs are available in both the Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro and the Scuf Impact variants, each of those usable on both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Regardless of what design catches your eye, the controllers will still boast a range of extra features found on Infinity 4PS Pro and the Impact including back paddles and other customizable components.

The different designs featured on the Infinity 4PS Pro and Impact controllers can be seen below courtesy of Scuf's big unveiling it's been building up to. The teams' logos and names are designed to fit across from each other near the controllers' grips with the rest of the shell and face buttons featuring the teams' color schemes. You can browse through each of the designs on Scuf's Call of Duty League landing page.

Scuf Call of Duty League Controllers
(Photo: Scuf Gaming)

Scuf controllers don't come cheap, but they've got the features to back up the price. The Call of Duty League variants will cost just a bit more than their normal counterparts. The Call of Duty League Infinity 4PS Pro controllers are now available for $159.95 each while the Call of Duty League Impact controllers are available for $169.95.

If you've been browsing for a new controller to try with your PlayStation 4, you can look through the breakdowns of the features for both controllers to see which one best suits your needs. Both the Infinity 4PS Pro and the Impact have back paddles users can program different inputs to – a feature that's becoming more and more common as controller tech evolves – but the Impact has four possible paddles to the Infinity 4PS Pro's two. Both feature customizable, digital triggers and can be outfitted with different components like trigger extenders and different thumbsticks. If none of the Call of Duty League ones work for you, you can always build your own or pick from one of the pre-made ones.


The first season of the new Call of Duty League officially kicked off earlier in the year but was put on hold for a while like many esports events were because of the coronavirus pandemic. The competitive matches shifted to an online-only format to adapt to the new circumstances. You can check the schedule for upcoming Call of Duty League matches here to see which teams featured in these Scuf designs are playing in the coming weeks.