Sea of Thieves Just Lost a Game Mode

Sea of Thieves Season 6 is here which is good news for most players and bad news for some. That's because it comes with a shipload of new content for players to try out, but it's also brought about the removal of one mode: The Arena mode. Sea of Thieves developer Rare announced earlier in the year that the mode would be taken out of the game due to low participation and the desire to work on different sorts of experiences. March 10th was the last day that the mode was playable, though players are still able to retain titles, cosmetics, and anything else that they might've gotten from the mode when it was around.

The update in question that's gone live now came with its own set of patch notes, and part of those addressed the topic of the removal of the Arena mode. Rare directed players back to the initial announcement if they're looking for context on why this mode has been removed, but for those who already knew this was coming and want to know what's happening to everything they earned, you can find the relevant notes below:

Sea Dogs Reputation

  • The Sea Dogs Reputation pane in the Pirate's Log will now only be visible for players who have earned a Sea Dogs Commendation, celebrating players' accomplishments while hiding Commendations that can no longer be obtained.
  • For players who can access this Reputation pane, the previous Company progress summary has now been repurposed into a Battle Record, representing accomplishments within The Arena. Within the Battle Record, players will now only see Commendations that have been completed. Any Commendations not yet started or completed will no longer be visible.
  • Within the Athena's Fortune Reputation pane, the Legendary Sea Dog Commendation will be visible for players who have earned it while remaining hidden for players who have not met those criteria.

Sea Dogs Rewards

  • Although The Arena has been closed, players will retain all unlocked Titles tied to level progress within the Sea Dogs Trading Company, along with any unlocked cosmetics.
  • Players who reached Sea Dogs rank 5 prior to the announcement of the closure will find themselves gifted the Azure Scout, Flaming Jackal, Golden Chaser, Lucky Rover and Regal Hound ship cosmetics for general use. Sea Dog veterans who reached rank 50 will also be able to equip the Good Boy ship cosmetics from the Shipwright's Chest.
  • Players who achieved the necessary criteria to purchase Sea Dogs Titles and cosmetics have not yet missed their chance to collect them. The Outpost stores now hold all the Sea Dogs Company rewards, and players will find them collectable if they met the necessary unlock requirements before the announcement of The Arena's closure.
  • Players with multiple promotions and rewards to purchase may need to exit and re-enter the shop after purchasing a promotion before the next rank's items become visible.

Sea Dogs Achievements

  • Xbox and Steam achievements for the Sea Dogs Trading Company are no longer earnable. Players on Xbox will see these achievements now marked as Legacy, while players on Steam will no longer find these achievements visible.
  • The Master of the Arena and Glorious Sea Dog achievements are still unlockable by players who obtained the necessary ranks prior to The Arena's closure. After logging in, eligible players can collect the required promotions and items and unlock these two achievements.