Sea of Thieves Gets a Halloween Update

Sea of Thieves is joining other games in celebrating Halloween early with a new update now live to add some themed content like more pets. The same update also took a look at several other core features like playing shanties and the way players will interact with The Arena and the Skeleton Fort. This update is now live for everyone on the Xbox One and the PC including those who are playing Sea of Thieves through Xbox Game Pass.

The main attraction for this Fort of the Damned update is the new fort of the same name that’s ready to be tackled by players. It’s filled with the undead as well as riches and is meant to be tackled with a group of pirates after fulfilling some prerequisites.

Sea of Thieves’ site for the game where it detailed what’s new in the Fort of the Damned update offered more info.

“The dead have dug themselves in at Old Boot Fort, now twisted by the encroaching presence of death and better known as the Fort of the Damned!” the update’s page said. “Using a Ritual Skull and the six coloured lights of the Flames of Fate – obtained by being sent to the Ferry of the Damned in various fatal ways – pirates can wake the Fort and set about sending its sinister skeletal defenders to oblivion. Riches are sure to lie within! Savvy pirates should talk to Stitcher Jim for more information. He’s likely to be found scouting out the Fort from a nearby island.”

Before or after you embark on your new mission against the damned, you can check out some of the Halloween cosmetics and other features that have also been added as part of the update. Both the Skeleton Cockatoo and the Skeleton Marmoset are now available in the Pirate Emporium, but they’ll only be there until the Fort of the Damned update concludes.

Other notable changes include a change to The Arena that makes it so that two-person Sloops can now be used. Players also have another way to play shanties while they’re sailing around.


“You asked, we listened: a new instrument is now yours for the playing as banjos make their way into Sea of Thieves!” more details on the update said. “Open the second page of your item radial to find the banjo and pluck along to all your favourite shanties. Equipment Stores at Outposts now stock a range of fancy-looking banjos for you to grab in exchange for gold.”

Sea of Thieves’ Halloween update is now live across all available platforms.