Sega Paid Microsoft a Visit, And It Could Be Leading Up To a Long-Anticipated Sequel


It’s always curious to see a game company pay a visit to another one. It could just be a cordial visit, for all we know. But, on the other hand, it could also be a precursor for a bigger partnership down the line.

Case in point – Sega. The company’s official Japanese Twitter account posted a few pictures over the weekend with its visit to Microsoft in Japan. Though they don’t indicate that the team is working on anything, they’re curious to see all the same.

First up, we’ve got the main doors to the Microsoft office. But then they delve a little deeper and take pictures around the interior as well, as you can see below.

So what does it mean? Again, the company isn’t saying, but some interesting rumors have drummed up about a potential sequel to a favorite game in the industry, reportedly set to be an Xbox One exclusive.

Marcus Sellars, who has leaked a number of rumors in the past for the industry, hinted that Microsoft could very well be ordering up a sequel to the fast-paced shooter Vanquish. When a fellow Twitter user suggested that Sega make a Panzer Dragoon revival for Xbox, Marcus suggested that the Vanquish sequel looks more likely.

However, nothing is confirmed yet, so take this with a very light grain of salt. This is coming just from Sellars, and nothing has been said regarding Sega nor Microsoft confirming the game. For that matter, keep in mind that Microsoft and Vanquish’s developer, Platinum Games, probably aren’t on the same page at the moment anyway, considering that Scalebound was cancelled last year in the midst of its development.

Still, maybe Microsoft is trying to make amends for the matter, and allowing Sega and Platinum Games to make Vanquish 2 with a devoted gaming budget may serve as a band-aid not only for the companies, but also the fans that got burned by Scalebound’s cancellation.


More than likely, we’ll find out what Microsoft and Sega are up to in a few months with E3, where an announcement could be made. We are crossing our fingers for the return of Vanquish, but, then again, a new Jet Set Radio would be bad-ass, to say the least.

In the meantime, you can play the original Vanquish on Xbox One now, since it’s now backwards compatible.