'Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal' PS4 and PC Release Date Revealed

XSEED Games has announced that Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal will release in the west next month [...]

Senran Kagura Burst Re-Newal
(Photo: XSEED Games)

XSEED Games has announced that Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal will release in the west next month via the PlayStation 4 and PC.

If you're in Europe, you'll actually get to enjoy the game a bit sooner than North American players. The game will release into the European market on January 15, if you're on the PS4 that is. If you're on PC, the game won't arrive until January 22, which is when the will launch on PS4 in North America.

In addition to announcing a release date, XSEED Games also revealed and details some special editions of the game.

For PS4, the game will be available not only digitally, but physically via the "Tailor-Made" and "At the Seams" limited editions, which cost $49.99 and $79.99, respectively.

According to XSEED Games, the "Tailor-Made" edition comes packing a two-disc soundtrack that features 58 tracks, as well as a key for the following DLC content:

  • Yumi as a playable character and her own exclusive episode
  • Burst Girls Uniform and Old Hanzo Uniform outfits
  • Love-Dovey Couple Dirama Pose Set.

Meanwhile, the "At the Seams" edition will feature everything in the "Tailo-Made" edition plus six "Busty Besties" rubber character straps with display strands. You know, in case you're into displaying that type of stuff next to a picture of your family on your desk. I personally have a pencil sharpener, but do your thing.

XSEED Games also revealed that all digital pre-order will come with the "Beautiful Something Yukata" DLC, which will be locked behind pre-ordering for four weeks after release. After four weeks, it will be made available to everyone for $3.99.

If you pre-order the game specifically via the PlayStation Store you will get the "Blooming Again" theme, which will also be locked behind pre-ordering before being made available after five weeks for $2.99.

And lastly, the "Cutie Heart Melon" and Cutie Heart Peach" costume DLC will be free for everyone for the first month of the game's release. After this, you'll need to fork over $3.99 for each costume, or $8 for both.

Oh, and XSEED Games also released a brand-new trailer, which you can check out below: