Shadow Of The Colossus Hands-On - Return Of A Hulking Giant


Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus will always go down as one of the best games from the PlayStation 2 era – and, for some, even PlayStation 3, as the game was released alongside Ico in a two-fer HD pack. But now it's ready to wow a new generation of players, as a revamped version will be making its way to PlayStation 4 early next year. And while some may not be too crazy about the higher-up price tag (compared to most remasters), it certainly looks worth it, especially with Bluepoint Games' refinements to formula.

The game follows a young warrior as he attempts to save the woman he loves – but it's a task that doesn't come easy, as he essentially has to hunt down a dozen beasts that are nearly a thousand times his size. It's a matter of systematically hunting down these creatures, dodging their attacks, then working his way up their bodies and striking at their weak points. And that doesn't come easy, especially as they go on the defense and try to keep them off.

The gameplay for Shadow of the Colossus is already iconic in the eyes of some players, and there might be some concerns over what changes Bluepoint has made to make the gameplay a bit more conventional. But, the truth is, the changes they actually made make sense. The general idea of how your character plays is still intact, but it feels a bit smoother, so you don't have to struggle so much as you climb up Colossi (that's their name, right?). Granted, you're still in for a challenge and hanging on for dear life at some point, especially with the flying ones, but it just feels like a better game. And that's saying a lot, considering how much we appreciated the earlier release.

Plus, Bluepoint has done a splendid job with the game's graphics. They've stayed true to the original art style that Team Ico has put together with Colossus, while at the same time bumping up the frame rate a little bit so that it looks completely stunning. Even on a traditional PlayStation 4, it looks good, but there's no question that PS4 Pro owners will see the biggest advantages, especially as they get close to these large creatures.

Again, some folks may be balking at paying $40 for a game that they bought already, but those that are new to the experience – or looking for the ultimate Colossus hunt – will definitely want to dive in.


Shadow of the Colossus releases on February 6th for PlayStation 4.