Shadow of the Colossus Shows off Stunning Photo Mode

Fans of the original PlayStation 2 Shadow of the Colossus already have a ton of reasons to be [...]


Fans of the original PlayStation 2 Shadow of the Colossus already have a ton of reasons to be excited about the coming remake. To see such a beloved title remade using today's technology is a treat not many of us expected but we're definitely glad to see. For those looking forward to its release, Sony released a few new stunning screenshots to boast the title's amazing photo mode.

This is what Sony had to say about how the new Photo Mode works and what it offers to the game itself:

"The thing that makes Photo Mode stand out is its power and flexibility. It's an entire photo adjustment suite built into the game for you! Everything that I had access to as the Art Director, you have access to as the player. You can start with a filter and adjust all the way down to color balancing the shadows, midtones and highlights. Then on top of that, control the depth of field ranges and amounts, in addition to the vignette. That's an amazing amount of control.

Adjusting the camera to get that perfect shot is super easy. Being able to switch the camera from the player to the horse offers up a ton of possibilities. Letting the team loose with it was incredible. The amount of different looks you can achieve is limitless. To top it off, being able to rotate the camera 90 degrees either way to generate portrait images means that lots of photos will be used as cell phone wallpapers! That's not all: you're able to leave some of the filters running as you play, giving you exciting degrees of control over how the game looks in motion."

The inclusion of this mechanic was vital to the team, according to the blog post. With the gorgeous landscapes being one of the key features that players loved about the first game, players of the remaster can capture those breathtaking moments to share with other gamers the beauty that they witnessed.

The screenshots, seen above, are nothing short of impressive and we can't wait to use it ourselves when Shadow of the Colossus releases exclusively on the PlayStation 4 February 26th!