This Video Blends Together Shadow the Hedgehog and Shadow of the Colossus Beautifully

We’ve seen some nifty fan crossover videos before, stuff that has us wondering, “Hey, what if [...]

We've seen some nifty fan crossover videos before, stuff that has us wondering, "Hey, what if Studio A teamed up with Studio B?" But the team at Rocket Jump may have outdone itself, as its latest post shows a pretty incredible crossover that we didn't see coming – Shadow of the Colossus.

While that title may not be saying much – it's the same as the title of the PlayStation 4 game that came out last week – it's when you realize which Shadow it's referring to that's pretty awesome. In this case, it's Sega's own Shadow the Hedgehog, fresh from his recent appearance as downloadable content in the platforming adventure Sonic Forces.

As the video begins, as you can see above, Shadow is cruising along many paths scattered in the Colossus world, picking up rings as he goes along. However, it doesn't take that much time before he starts to run into the large Colossus beings, and they find him to be a threat.

Though the video doesn't feature too much actual gameplay – it barely runs over a minute – it certainly leaves a lot to the imagination, like when Shadow hangs onto one of the Colossus' limbs in the hopes of getting higher up; or when it sees a club about to come down to smash it.

Seconds later, though, we're treated to even something cooler, as a downed Colossus begins draining hundreds of rings from his body for Shadow to collect. He merely watches as the creature collapses, looking back one last time as it finally gives up the fight.

Oh, and there's also a great appearance by another character at the end – we won't spoil it for you, but it adds a little bit of sentiment to the whole thing, and makes you wonder if there's room for a player two, perhaps?

It's a neat crossover idea, and, who knows. Maybe one day Bluepoint Games will meet Sega in a bar and go, "Hey, guys, you ever wonder what would happen…"

But in the meantime, don't miss Shadow of the Colossus. It's outstanding, and available now for PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital format!