The Creators of Shantae Reveal Exclusive New Switch Game

WayForward, the creators of the cult hit Shantae franchise, have pulled back the curtain on their latest title, an upcoming exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. In Vitamin Connection, players take on the roles of Vita Boy and Mina-Girl, a pair of heroes that travel through the bodies of the Sable family as they try to stave off the potential diseases that threaten them. Oh, and the pill Vita Boy and Mina-Girl use to explore and destroy bacteria just so happens to be shaped like a Joy-Con controller. It sounds (and looks) pretty crazy, but with WayForward at the helm, the gameplay should prove to be quite entertaining!

In Vitamin Connection, one to two players must use the Capsule Ship's Vitamin Beam to destroy the bacteria inside each of the Sable's bodies, including their dog! As they travel inside the bodies of the family, players will encounter a number of unique characters. There will also be "sub games," including a take on Pong. Whether players are taking part in co-op or the sub games, two players can enjoy the festivities with a single pair of Joy-Cons, which is always a nice option. All in all, it looks like the kind of unique game WayForward is known for, and it should prove to be an interesting new addition to the console's library.

Nintendo Switch owners won't have to wait long to see if Vitamin Connection lives up to the lofty standards set by WayForward's other titles; the game will be available on eShop February 20th. Players that prefer their games in physical format will be able to order the title from Limited Run Games starting Friday January 17th. There will be a standard edition available, and a Collector's Edition, which includes plushes of Vita Boy and Mina-Girl, a CD soundtrack, a poster, and character profile cards. Vitamin Connection will be available that day alongside two other games from the publisher: Mighty Switch Force Collection and Mystik Belle.


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