Silent Hill Game Documentary Breaks Down Its History and Demise

It is sad that Konami hasn’t given Silent Hill another chance to thrive on the market. Ever since the painful cancellation of Silent Hills (and its accompanying P.T. demo, which can’t even be downloaded anymore), we haven’t seen any new content from the series, save for a heartbreaking pachinko machine.

To pay tribute to the survival horror saga, the team at GVMERS have published a new video called The Rise and Fall of Silent Hill, which you can see above. In it, they look back at the history of the franchise, from its thriving early days with Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 all the way through HD Collection and Book of Memories.

It’s about 30-something minutes long and well worth the watch for fans of the saga. And who knows, it might just buck Konami enough to bring it back one of these days. Maybe not as Silent Hills, but perhaps with an HD version of the original -- which we’d happily take.

Here’s the description for the documentary, straight from the video's YouTube page:

“In the late 1990s, horror games were on the rise. The hardware capabilities of Sony’s PlayStation enabled developers to craft immersive 3D experiences that married the atmosphere and shock of Hollywood’s most terrifying pictures with the agency of games – and players couldn’t get enough of them.

Among these titles was a twisted, yet comparatively demure experience called Silent Hill. Developed by a motley crew of talented Konami employees, Silent Hill flipped contemporary horror game tropes on their head, casting the player as an everyman in search of his daughter in a fog-enshrouded town. The game would be well received, and followed up by three sequels on the PlayStation 2 that would catapult the Silent Hill name into horror gaming stardom.

However, shifting interests within Konami would lead the Japanese company to disband the team that developed these early titles, and outsource all future games in the series to studios in Europe and America. While this move would produce some genuine highlights, mixed efforts and a lack of care on Konami’s part would result in Silent Hill gradually becoming a shell of its former self; a legend brimming with potential that always seemed to fall short of its glory days through some issue or another.


This is the rise and fall of Silent Hill.”

You can see more videos like this over at GVMERS’ channel.