This 'Skyrim' Mod Brings 8-Player Co-Op Into Tamriel, Beta Details Inside

Ever wanted to explore Tamriel with friends but didn't want to do so with thousands of other [...]

Ever wanted to explore Tamriel with friends but didn't want to do so with thousands of other players in The Elder Scrolls Online? Then this Skyrim Together mod is for you! After a long developmental process, the modders have finally revealed that this project is entering closed beta status, which means we're closer than ever before to a full release!

Closed beta access will be granted to the Patreons that have supported the project thus far, but that exclusivity is short-lived. Soon, mod access will be available to all for testing so that the team can make sure that they get rid of all of the bugs and glitches found before its full launch.

"Yep, it's finally happening," read the latest mod update on Reddit. "Soon we'll be opening the doors for our loyal patreons for a temporary closed beta - Don't fear, this will shortly available for all. This period will be used to measure traffic, any emergency fixes and stability. The smoother this runs the faster we'll have it out for you guys."

As far as what will actually be in the beta, "We won't be feature locking anything - anything we have shown previously will be available. We do however have some features disabled due to bugs / potential crashing, this includes":

  1. Shared Containers - This will include NPCs
  2. Dropping Items - Items will not appear
  3. Factions and Bounties
  4. Object Sync

The current hard cap is set to 8 players but if enough players say they are interested in that cap being raised, the team said they would be open to looking into it. As far as Skyrim Together goes, there will be a launcher ready to be downloaded when the closed beta goes live. The team mentioned that players would be looking at roughly a 200mb update, which isn't that bad considering the content context.

Excited to learn more? You can check out this mod's official subreddit here to check out even more about this project before you can test it out for yourself!

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