Skyrim Finally Getting Co-Op With New Mod

Over ten years after first releasing, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is finally going to be playable in co-op thanks to a new mod. Outside of Fallout 76, virtually every other game that Bethesda Game Studios has released over the years has been a single-player RPG. However, that hasn't kept fans from wondering how games like Skyrim, Fallout 4, or many others would fare when being played with a friend. Now, thanks to the arrival of this mod, those questions will be put to rest. 

After being in the works for a prolonged period of time, this co-op mod for Skyrim is finally slated to launch later this week on July 8th. The mod is specifically called "Skyrim Together Reborn" and will be released on Nexus. Instructions on how to download the mod can be found here for when it does go live in the coming days. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Skyrim getting co-op with this mod is that the mod itself won't be available via a beta. Originally, the team behind Skyrim Together Reborn (which is a new version of an older mod) planned to release the mod in the form of a beta. Instead, this will be a full 1.0 release, although the developers have still stressed that errors will surely come about. 

"The mod won't be perfect. It will occasionally crash, some quests will break, there will be bugs. This is not fixable. This is just the reality of making a multiplayer mod instead of having a massive studio like Bethesda make a multiplayer game," the dev team behind Skyrim Together Reborn said on Reddit. "Still, it's playable, it's fun, and it's a lot better than the old Skyrim Together mod, which was the goal of Reborn."

Moving forward, the Skyrim Together Reborn team wants to also bring co-op functionality to Fallout 4 that will support between two and eight players. Release plans for this mod haven't been announced just yet, but with Skyrim now out of the way, perhaps we'll hear more about the future of this Fallout 4 co-op experience soon enough. 


What do you think about being able to play Skyrim with a friend thanks to this new co-op mod? Are you going to look to download this and try it out for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on social media at @MooreMan12.

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