'Skyrim' Invades 'Fallout 4' With These Power Armor Mods

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are two of the biggest RPG franchise to come out of Bethesda, both [...]

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are two of the biggest RPG franchise to come out of Bethesda, both hailed for their explorative journeys and unique stories. That's not to say that they have other incredible franchise, but these two in particular can provide hundreds and hundreds of hours dedicated to exploration and adventure. Since the two are so esteemed, how about mash them together? Sort of ...

The TES-51 Power Armor - Skyrim Inspired mod aims to bring a little Elder Scrolls flare into the Wasteland. This Fallout 4 mod won't bring in dragons or companions that swear the bounty of your burdens, but it does come bearing a few unique Power Armor suits heavily inspired by Skyrim lore.

"Inspired by Skyrim and some of my favourite mods from the game, I bring you the TES-51 Power Armor! The armor of the Dragonborn! This mod comes with not only a suit of power armor, but a lot of customizability, and some weapons to go with it!"

According to the mod's creator, these are the features currently included:

  • One full set of TES-51 Power Armor with lots of mods, including a backpack and some animal trophies.
  • All standard headlamp colours supported.
  • 6 new paint jobs, including Nordic Warpaint, Winter Camo and Skyforge Steel.
  • 2 weapons based on the Steel weapons from Skyrim, a warhammer and a sword.
  • A small new location with an untold secret.
  • 3 new custom magazines.
  • 3 custom loading screens.

And it's not just one armor suit either, but several heavily inspired designs to survive in the Wasteland and avoid Preston Harvey at all costs. You can even yell "Fus Roh Dah" really, really loudly if you felt so inclined. Whatever makes your Fallout 4 experience even better.

Want to download the mod for yourself or learn more about its features? You can check it out over on Nexus Mods right here including which bugs have been found, what mods it is compatible with, and any other questions you might have!

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