Sledgehammer Games Explains Its Choices For Call Of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is just a few months away from release, and Sledgehammer Games made some great [...]


Call of Duty: WWII is just a few months away from release, and Sledgehammer Games made some great choices with the game's design. But some fans have been wondering why certain choices were made with the game – like, for instance, the decision to go with the European front.

Fortunately, Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield provided a few answers recently on Twitter, to fill in the blanks on the choices that were made by the studio.

In regards to why the European front was decided on instead of the Pacific, he noted that he and others in the studio actually had family that fought in Europe, and felt that the front was actually the place for some of the most iconic battles during World War II. As a result, the team decided, instead of just him, to go with it.

The team sought a new challenge after Advanced Warfare, and felt that portraying the "epic battles, sacrifice and honor" of the World War II era was the way to go. And they tried to closely emulate the locations based on the era, including France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, along with other cities, which they visited in version. They felt that it was vital to capture the "spirit and energy" of the locations.

They enjoy the art style that's being put into the game, and have done research with recreating the weapons, shooting ranges and more, all thanks to some "very good 3D modelers."

As for WWII itself, it'll feature "all kinds of different scenes," with the team working prominently on getting the script done. It's work that Schofield has been "very proud" of, especially with story structure within the game, as well as its emotional impact. Yep, it'll take you for a toll in some parts.

As for Zombies, which will be a huge part of the game, he feels that it is "unique, inviting and yet disturbing," and will be a welcome change of pace from the usual Zombies norm. And he believes that the building based more on human form and less on demons will add more to the terrorizing effect. He ain't kidding.

Call of Duty: WWII arrives on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.