Super Smash Bros Ultimate; Internet Reacts to Solid Snake and Ridley Reveal

Nintendo closed out the E3 2018 conferences with a bang by showing off the largest roster yet for their epic Super Smash Bros franchise. Super Smash Bros Ultimate made a lot of changes to the way combat works while also including a few new faces! One of the reveals that by far garnered the most hilarious reactions was that of Metal Gear's Solid Snake and Metroid's Ridley.

Though hiding in a box isn't his ultimate attack, the Solid Snake reveal is pretty awesome. Though this is one of the characters that was leaked earlier this year, as well as a hot button rumor for those just with wishful thinking, the confirmation brings the Metal Gear staple front and center! Turns out, we weren't the only ones hyped - check out some our favourite reactions below:

But it wasn't just love for THE Snake that had people pumped. The surprise reveal of Ridley at the end was incredibly hype worthy. This is an addition players have been begging for nonstop to make a return and return they did. Round two reactions are inbound, equally hilarious:


So we gotta ask ... which one were you most hyped for? Space Pirate Ridley or Metal Gear's Snake? Sound off with your pick in the comment section below!