Sonic Frontiers Song Hits 10 Million Plays on Spotify

While overall reception to Sonic Frontiers was pretty mixed, there's one aspect of the game most fans can agree on: the soundtrack. Sonic Frontiers features some of the most memorable music in the series, from gorgeous piano themes, to emo-inspired boss battle music. The track "Undefeatable" fits into the latter category, and Sonic the Hedgehog fans can't get enough of it. According to reporting from Tails' Channel, the track has reached more than 10 million plays on Spotify, which just goes to show how much fans seem to be digging the track!

"Undefeatable" has vocals by Kellin Quinn (of Sleeping With Sirens), with lyrics and co-vocal writing by Quinn, Tyler Smyth (of Dangerkids), and Julian Comeau, while Sonic veteran Tomoya Ohtani composed and arranged the track. Readers can check out the video on YouTube embedded below.

In my review for Sonic Frontiers last year, I noted that it was "criminal" the game's music did not receive a nomination at The Game Awards. It's far too late for anything to be done about that, but it's a testament to the quality of the soundtrack that people continue to enjoy the game's music on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. The Sonic series has had great music going back to the very first games on Sega Genesis, and it's nice to see that tradition continues after all these years.

Speaking of the franchise's music, the first DLC update for Sonic Frontiers released at the end of March, adding several features, including a new Jukebox option. The Jukebox allows players to swap in music from Sonic Frontiers for a number of fan favorite tracks spanning the series. Players start out with 13 tracks, but can unlock another 40 by finding Sound Memories scattered throughout the islands. It's a perfect way for players to revisit classics like "Live and Learn" from Sonic Adventure 2, and "Reach for the Stars" from Sonic Colors Ultimate.

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