Sony Launching New Money Back Promotion On PlayStation Store This Tuesday

It’s always nice to have some sort of promotion in place that gives you money back for game [...]

PlayStation Network

It's always nice to have some sort of promotion in place that gives you money back for game purchases – mainly because it allows you to make even more game purchases down the road. And Sony has a nice little promotion coming up that will reward you for plunking down your hard-earned money on digital goodies.

The company posted details about the promotion here, which begins this Tuesday, February 27, at 12:01 AM PDT, and runs through March 6 at 11:59 PM PDT. During that time, if you spend $100 or more on the PlayStation Store (tax not included), you'll receive back $15 for your trouble, which will be deposited back into your account.

Now, there is some fine print to be taken into consideration. First off, it's a one-time thing, so that means if you spend $300 in the PlayStation Store, you won't get back $45. It's $15 for the first $100, and that's it.

Secondly, the promotion will be available to those in the United States, Canada and Mexico, for those that are 18 years and older. So make sure that if you're getting something for the kids, you make the purchase itself.

Third, the promotion code for the $15 will be sent after it comes to an end. It'll be available starting March 16, sent via system message to the account that made the payment to begin with. So make sure you have access to messages and such so you don't miss out on the code to redeem, because codes will not be replaced once they are sent out.

As for what you can purchase, the sky's the limit. You can pick up a few PS Vita games, clean house on PlayStation 4 stuff, or even purchase classic PlayStation 3 games. Just make sure your purchase is over $100 (not including tax, again) and you'll be good to go.

This might be a good time to snag Shadow of the Colossus, or even stock up on pre-orders of games like God of War and other pre-orders that are available in the store, so you're guaranteed to get a little bit of money back for your trouble. You've got until March 6, so make those purchases count.