Sony’s New Social Media Program May Accidentally Be Revealing PS4 Player Numbers

Considering that 2018 is about to come to a close, some video game companies have been introducing [...]

Considering that 2018 is about to come to a close, some video game companies have been introducing promotions that show players how they've fared over the past year with their gaming sessions. But Sony's take may be revealing more than the company originally intended.


The PlayStation 4-producing company recently revealed a new program called My PS4 Life, which shows the history of each player's sessions with games on the system. After logging in, users only need to wait a few minutes for stats to come together and they can see how everything stacks up in a customized video, which they can share on social channels.

But there's an interesting twist that the company didn't count on. Some savvy PS4 owners managed to put two and two together, adding up their stats with the information provided through their Trophy listings. By doing this, they're able to see (for the most part) exact player counts for certain games on the system.

For instance, check out the Alabama Shrimp's video below, which gives you an idea how the video works.

You can see how many folks unlocked certain Trophies with chosen games. Per this Reddit thread, numbers can then be deduced with the help of math. "Here, 33,764 players earned the 'Photo Bomber' trophy in Fallout 76," the thread reads. "And on, it's revealed that 8.3 percent of all players got this trophy. Simple math: the total number of people who have played Fallout 76 on PS4= 33,764 X 100 percent/8.3 percent= 406,795."

So far, a few of these numbers have been posted over on the Gamstat page, ranging from favorites like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Burnout Paradise Remastered to more current favorites like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Dead By Daylight. Some games are clearly more popular than others, as Dear Esther only has around 59,500 players; while FIFA 15 has 19.2 million players. (Grand Theft Auto V is currently in the top spot at 51.7 million players.)

Said the site, "The number of players who have earned the trophy is not updated online, Sony probably took it somewhere between Nov. 20 and Dec. 4. So it won't say much about recently released games," such as Just Cause 4.

These numbers aren't entirely accurate (Sony won't confirm player counts to see if they're the real deal), but they're enough to make you wonder how close they really are. And the My PS4 Life site is still up, if you're wondering how things measure up.

While you're at it, if you have an Xbox One, take a look at how those numbers measure up with the Xbox Year In Review page. No player counts revealed there, however.

(Hat tip to Polygon for the scoop!)