SoulCalibur VI Is Going Back To The Game's Roots, More Details Here

Soulcalibur-2-revealed thumb

Last night's Game Awards showed off some pretty epic announcements, including the grand reveal of SoulCalibur VI. Bandai Namco isn't letting the recently kicked up hype die out so quickly, as they have just released brand new details about the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 powered fighter!

Bandai Namco Brand Manager Mark Religioso had this to say:

"The fast and kinetic gameplay of SoulCalibur is on full display in SoulCalibur VI. A stellar lineup of characters and weapons, combined with a simple control layout means gamers of all skill levels can jump into the action and decimate the competition."

We know that the story's timeline setting will be based during the 16th century, and will go back to many of the events that happened in the very first SoulCalibur in an effort to uncover "hidden truths." The nest installment will be perfect for both veterans of the franchise, and newcomers, as both new and returning characters will be showcased. As seen in the reveal trailer, we know that Sophitia and Mitsurugi will be among them.

One new addition to the game's styling is a new mechanic called the Reversal Edge - this move allows players to counterattack each other by tailoring to the opponents moves. They promise that this is an entirely new function and will pair nicely with the familiar weapon-based combat we are used to seeing. With the Unreal Engine 4.


SoulCalibur VI will be coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms in 2018, no firm release date has been set at this time.