South Park's Lost, Unreleased Game Boy Color Game Leaks Online

Everybody loves South Park, even if they don't admit it. The crude sense of humor, the eerily accurate satire of current events, the "nobody is off limits" attitude of Shock Jock comedy — it's a staple, whether we want it to be or not.

There also have been some phenomenal games that came out of this show, but what many may not know is that there was actually a Game Boy Colour title that never saw the light of day. At least until now.

(Photo: Resetera)

Thanks to a recent post over on Resetera, we've got a pretty interesting look at Cartman and the gang from way back when. Keep in mind, the show initially made its debut back in August 1997 so to see this surface now is pretty daarn sweet — especially for long-time fans.

Many thought the South Park Game Boy Colour game was cancelled, but in actuality — it was allegedly repurposed into several different titles. The way Resetera user Krvavi Abadas puts it, legend says "it was canceled because the makers of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were concerned due to the main audience of the Game Boy back then being children. Though they did keep a prototype cart (possibly the source of this release) of it for historical purposes."

But the kick is it wasn't scrapped, just shifted around a bit. According to the post, the entire concept was spliced with North America splitting it into two parts to form Mary Kate & Ashley games. The two titles with that South Park inspo? Mary-Kate & Ashley — Get a Clue and The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. Europe got their own title spinoff, this time called Maya the Bee.


It's interesting to think about what could have been. Could 1997 hang like we did with the most recent titles from Ubisoft? I'm interested in seeing the pixelated version of Kenny and all of his many deaths in full Gameboy colour glory.

Apparently the thread held the original ROM link, but the admin later removed it. To check out the entire conversation, go to Resetera right here to join in.