This Speedrunner Managed To Beat Two Punch-Out!! Games At Once – With The Same Controller

As you might guess, this past week’s Awesome Games Done Quick event was loaded with a number of [...]

As you might guess, this past week's Awesome Games Done Quick event was loaded with a number of impressive speed run, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with countless other titles, in which the players showed their true worth by finishing said games in record time. But what about those that went off the beaten path and managed to do something even more impressive?

That's exactly what a speedrunner by the name of Zallard1 managed to do. As part of his run, he managed to take on two games at once, and using the same controller. During his 25-minute-something speedrun, he took down both Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo. Yep, two different formats, and he got the same result.

Zallard1 managed to use a specially built controller to get the job done, one that connected to both the NES and SNES at the same time. However, he still had the challenge of keeping his eyes on both games at once, avoiding punches from enemies and still managing to clear through stages.

There were times that he had to pause one game in order to execute something in the other, such as a super-punch, but these were very seldom, making the speedrun even that much more impressive. Heck, we have a hard time just beating Mike Tyson in the original Punch-Out!! by itself, so imagine having to stack Super Punch-Out!! on top of that.

As ridiculous as it seems, Zallard1 managed to complete both games without breaking a sweat. And now, you can relive those awesome AGDQ memories in the video above, and see just how well he performed under pressure. Man, what we wouldn't give to have skills like this.

And speaking of Awesome Games Done Quick, you can read this story to learn about how the team managed to raise more money with this year's event than ever before, setting a high mark for the Summer Games Done Quick event that'll be coming up within a few months. Congrats to the team on the accomplishment. It was a…knockout?