New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Released With Insomniac Commentary

New Spider-Man gameplay has been revealed for Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 4 exclusive that [...]

New Spider-Man gameplay has been revealed for Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4 exclusive that includes helpful commentary from the game's creative director.

PlayStation Access has the gameplay video in question, the official YouTube channel for PlayStation UK. Insomniac's creative director Bryan Intihar joins PlayStation Access' Hollie Bennett to cover some Spider-Man tips and tricks as well as the finer details on the game's features and gadgets. If this footage looks familiar, you may have seen it previously in a hands-on preview video showing a Kingpin fight along with some stealth sequences, all of which was eventually taken down.

The video starts during a portion of the game that Intihar describes says is further along in the story after Spider-Man has defeated Kingpin and moved on to a new threat. Instead of swinging wildly through New York, players have to navigate tight airducts above a museum to take on Mister Negative's Inner Demons, the henchman who follow the crime boss and do his bidding. This time, they're trying to steal an artifact from the museum, something that players have to prevent while employing some of the game's first stealth sequences.

"This is one of the missions where we kind of start to introduce some of the more stealth mechanics into the game," Intihar said. "Obviously, a lot of operations you can kind of jump down and fight, but in this kind of one, this is where we kind of teach you [that] you can go a little bit slower."

He shares some of the first tips the video contains by saying that you can use your web-shooter to distract an enemy and lure them into an ambush. The in-game tips offer similar advice to guide players through the mechanics in case they have forgotten by the time they're actually in the scenario.

The setting eventually opens up to the vast, city-swinging scenes that Spider-Man is known for with various lighting and weather effects. We already knew that players could change the weather and other factors once they beat the game, and Intihar explains that players will encounter all sorts of different setting combinations when swinging through the city.

"There's multiple times a day," he said, explaining how the lighting of New York and other effects will change. "We have sunset, we have nighttime, we have daytime, we have, you know, a little more overcast and raining weather, so there will be multiple times a day."

He further explained that the environment's conditions won't be totally random. Weather and other effects will be used as a narrative device at times to communicate certain messages or moods. Throughout the rest of the gameplay video, Intihar covers other topics such as various enemy types and staying true to characters' original designs before eventually leading up to the Kingpin fight.

Spider-Man releases for the PlayStation 4 on Friday, Sept. 7.