Spider-Man PS4 Script Length Revealed


While Insomniac GamesSpider-Man will have a lot of web-slinging to go around, the team realizes how important the story is to the game. And boy, does it have a huge script to go along with that story.

While speaking with game co-writer Christos Gage, Game Informer recently learned that the game has a tremendously sized script -- we’re talking over 3,300 pages. But keep in mind that all of those pages aren’t entirely story based.

It’s true, Spidey will have his hands full, as the campaign can go in various different directions depending on what you want to do. For instance, as we previously mentioned in this story, Spidey can complete some missions for Black Cat and open up her tale a little bit, instead of following the main path. There are also Taskmaster missions that will introduce you more to that particular villain, along Oscorp Research Stations to explore and more. You can find the full lowdown at the link above.

But, more importantly, a script of this size means one huge factor when it comes to exhibiting Spidey’s personality -- his one-liners. In the past, we’ve seen Spider-Man games with quips galore, but some of them got to the point of repetition. That clearly won’t be the case here.

“There are infinitely more one-liners,” Gage explained. “This is not spoilery, but, for example, there is a thing where Spider-Man jumps into a fight between two other factions that are enemies of his and they’re fighting each other and he says something to the effect of, ‘Guys I know how to settle this—dance off.’ Imagine coming up with like one-thousand of those.”

But it sounds like the writing team, which consists of both Insomniac and Marvel veterans, are really going all out to tell a remarkable story with Spider-Man, dividing the action between the web-slinger and his “human” alter ego, Peter Parker. That should get fans more than excited about the adventure that’s about to head our way. We’re talking hours worth of gameplay, as you get to the bottom of Spidey’s latest mystery and unlock all sorts of cool goodies along the way.


Fortunately, we won’t be waiting too much longer to see Spidey’s latest adventure unfold, as Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man will release on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

(Hat tip to Game Informer for the details!)