A Split Keyboard That is Perfect For Any Gamer

Split keyboards is by no means a new concept, but what is new is this take with gamers in mind. [...]


Split keyboards is by no means a new concept, but what is new is this take with gamers in mind. That's just what the team has in mind for the Dygma Raise, and impressive chromatic keyboard gaming peripheral with eSports and hardcore gaming in mind. Better yet, the crowdfunded project is well past their initial funding goal - so it's definitely green-lit to go!

"The innovative keyboard boasts to be the "world's most advanced gaming keyboard" and actually looks incredibly impressive. Here is what creator Luis "Deilor" Sevilla had to say about this campaign and how it came about:

Esports is the most extreme activity done with a keyboard. You need to do lightning fast repetitive movements for hours, non-stop, day in and day out. The traditional keyboard layout was designed over 30 years ago and it's not optimized for gaming and these kinds of movements. Professionals and casual gamers are already suffering the consequences: frequent neck, back and wrist issues.

This raises a question: if young people are already experiencing health issues, what will it be like in 10 years? Gaming is part of our culture, esports is growing non stop and we can't ignore it.

In gaming, 0.1s can be the difference between victory or defeat. To play at our best we need to be physically and mentally in top shape. That's why we've created Raise, an ergonomic gaming keyboard designed to increase performance, health and comfort."


The design is completely customizable, letting players configure it any way they see fit, and is perfect for both left and right handed gamers. It's not just mechanically customizable either. Like many gaming peripherals, it has full colour configuration to make it your own - both stylised and colour coordinated for in-game events.

It even has an RGB backlight and underglow for hyper-visibility in darker environments:

There's a practical reason why Raise has RGB LEDs, to have visual feedback when you change layouts. In the vast majority of gaming keyboards RGB lighting is just for aesthetic purposes but during our testing we learnt that it reduced the user's learning curve when getting used to multiple layouts.

With Raise, you can create multiple layouts and toggle instantly between them. Every key in every layout is remappable and can be configured as a macro with its own color.

An example of 2 layout configuration where you could benefit from RGB lighting:

  • L1 (layout 1): standard typing layout.
  • L2 (layout 2): Arrows, number pad, F1-12 keys, media controls

If you would like stronger visual feedback you could assign an underglow color to every layout you create.

To learn more about this impressive keyboard, you have until January 20th before the Kickstarter campaign wraps up. If you order it before the campaign is over, you can snag this keyboard for 200 bucks. If you wait, it will still be available, but for $230 instead. You can see more about the pricing, the functionality, and more right here.