Square Enix Shows Off Incredible, Cutting-Edge Tech Demo

Square Enix subsidiary Luminous Productions has released a new tech demo, Back Stage, which utilizes advance ray-tracing technology with the help of NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to render some incredible reflections, shadows, and overall fantastic lighting. Square Enix has a history of releasing these demos, and ultimately working that technology into its upcoming video games -- like it did previously with Final Fantasy XV's Luminous Engine.

The demo, which you can check out above, is basically a short scene set in front of a mirror with a young woman checking on her reflection while putting on makeup. It culminates in the character, who is unnamed, crying and drawing on the mirror in fog created by her breath. While the narrative content described might not make much sense, it certainly shows off the incredible path tracing -- basically an advanced form of ray tracing that does all the ray tracing stuff for separate things at the same time, allowing for real-time rendering.

"Back Stage is a showcase demo of our work to answer the question, 'How can you use ray tracing in a next generation game?' GeForce RTX graphics cards have power beyond our imagination," Takeshi Aramaki, Studio Head of Luminous Productions, shared as part of NVIDIA's blog post showing off the demo, "and with NVIDIA's technology even real-time path tracing has become a reality. Together with Luminous Engine and RTX technology, we have taken one more step forward towards the kind of beautiful and realistic game that we strive to create."

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The "Back Stage" tech demo is not associated with any particular game, but there's always the possibility that something comes out of this work that's somewhat related. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Square Enix right here.