Square Enix Fans Angry Over No Avengers Project News


The Square Enix E3 2018 showcase has come and gone and if you blinked, you may have missed it. Or if you fell asleep, which is plausible given how underwhelming the entire event was. Aside from the desired release information for the Final Fantasy VII Remake and more Kingdom Hearts footage, a huge title many were praying for was that highly anticipated The Avengers Project. With so much hype leading up to the mystery game, to see it absent from today's showcase was glaring and fans are definitely not happy.

Square Enix took to Twitter to let their displeasure be known because honestly - their showcase had so much potential and it just seems wasted. The team over at Square have so many amazing projects in the works and to only show rehashed material and a lackluster new IP just seems a shame:

Those are just a few and some of the reactions got downright savage. Square Enix is such a huge publisher that to see them take the helm of a new comic-driven game is something many are looking forward to.


Unfortunately, it looks like the wait continues. Who knows? Maybe we'll see it as a surprise reveal at Sony's conference later tonight? What were your thoughts on the showcase as a whole? Sound off with your own reactions in the comment section below.