‘SSX 3’ Is Only $4 On Xbox One and You Should Totally Get It

Microsoft's Xbox Countdown sale is still taking place over the next few days, with discounts on over 800 (!) games including newer Xbox One releases and old favorites. But there's one game we wanted to focus on in particular, mainly because it's still just as much fun today as it was back in 2003. And it's never looked better.


That game is SSX 3, part of EA Sports Big's snowboard racing series. While many fans feel that SSX Tricky was the most revolutionary title for that brand, this chapter offered up some new tricks, as well as an open-world course design, smoother gameplay and the ability to take on others in local and online multiplayer. (Also, dat soundtrack!)

It was a big hit when it was released on the original Xbox; and Microsoft made a few waves when they added it to its backward compatibility program for Xbox One last year.

The reason we bring up this particular game is because of the price that it's going for right now. You can pick up SSX 3 for just $4.29, more than half off its usual price of $9.99. On top of that, if you have Xbox Live Gold, you can save even more, marking it down to just $3.29.

Even following its initial 2003 release, SSX 3 feels surprisingly fresh. What's more, the visuals have been nicely enhanced for the Xbox One X, bringing its 60-frames-per-second to life better than ever before. You can check out the video below from Digital Foundry to see it in action.

Here's the official description of the game, straight from the official Xbox page:

"Life begins at the summit of the first peak, where a daunting mountain awaits you- ride it…explore it…beat it! Featuring all-new freestyle events and racecourses, jaw-dropping tricks, and a cast of cool customizable characters, SSX 3 is yours to conquer."

This is a real retro treat that's worth re-discovering, or playing for the first time if you missed out beforehand. And considering we probably won't see a new SSX game from EA Sports anytime soon, this is as good as your downhill runs are going to get. Unless, of course, we get Tricky on the Xbox One backward compatibility list sometime this year.


SSX 3 can be played now on Xbox One and Xbox 360, as the title is compatible with both systems. If you prefer, you can also hunt down the original version for Xbox, as well as PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Now show your momma just how good you are on the slopes.

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