Star Wars Battlefront 2 Sees Surge in Players (And Errors) After Becoming Free on Epic Games Store

Star Wars Battlefront II only just came to the Epic Games Store for free yesterday but since that time, the game has seen a massive influx of new players. If you need proof of this claim, then look no further than the number of issues that have been coming about in-game since this promotion started.

Electronic Arts has made clear that an "incredible number" of players have joined Star Wars Battlefront II on PC since it became available for free yesterday. As such, the game has been giving some players frequent errors. However, this problem isn't one that EA seems to be worried about and is telling fans that it's looking to quickly rectify the problem.

EA's European Studios Community Manager recently took to Twitter and explained to fans that the reason for the errors is because Star Wars Battlefront II has reached capacity and that essentially, the team at DICE needs to scale up the game's servers to appropriately adhere to the rise in players. As for how this has worked out so far, the situation was described as a "healthy" one that should only continue to get better from here on out. So basically, if you're still experiencing errors on your end, just give the game time and the experience should start to improve.

Star Wars Battlefront II is going to be free on PC via the Epic Games Store until next week on January 21 at 11:00am EDT. Be sure to act before that time or else you'll have to purchase the game like normal afterward.


[H/T GameSpot]