Star Wars Brings Battlefront and Rogue One Commanders to Legion

Star Wars: Legion continues to add new options for your growing Star Wars army, and now it's [...]

Star Wars: Legion continues to add new options for your growing Star Wars army, and now it's getting two unexpected fan favorites from the films and games. Fantasy Flight announced a new Commander's Expansion for Star Wars: Legion, which brings Rogue One's Cassian Andor and Star Wars: Battlefront's Iden Versio into the mix, and they aren't coming alone. The lovable K-2SO will come with Andor, while ID10 will be included in Versio's expansion, and each one will also come with four new Command Cards to further customize your strategy in battle, and we cannot wait to try them out.

Andor and K-2SO both excel at a variety of missions, but when all hell breaks loose it's nice to have a card like Crack Shot, which allows him to gain the Gunslinger trait.

Andor also comes with three weapon options, including a Compact Blaster and an A-280-CFE (in Pistol Configuration), while K-2SO can be equipped with Jyn Erso's SE-14 Blaster, a grenade, or with no weapon at all.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

As for Versio and ID10, their expansion pack comes with a host of options as well, including the Pulse Scan ability, which allows Versio to gain the Sharpshooter 2 trait and an aim token, as well as making her harder to hit after her attack.

Her ID10 droid can also attack on its own at close range and is deadly if underestimated.

The expansion will carry 9 Upgrade Cards for both units as well as four new Command Cards. Versio will also come with several head and weapon options, including one with her Inferno Squad Helmet and a choice of 3 weapons, including the E-11 Blaster Rifle and her TL-50 Repeater.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

You can take a look at both Commander Expansions above, and you can pick these up at your local game store in the first quarter of 2020.

You can check out the official descriptions below, and you can read our full review of Star Wars: Legion right here!

"One of the Rebellion's most capable intelligence agents, Cassian Andor has dedicated his life to the cause. Capable of both leading an all-out assault or operating independently on the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion, Andor is a versatile addition to any Rebel army. No matter what role you choose for Andor, the reprogrammed KX-series security droid K-2SO is ready to assist in any operation with both his massive strength and tactical analysis.

Within this expansion, you'll find beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic Cassian Andor and K-2SO miniatures that feature a wealth of customization options. Cassian Andor can be assembled with three different weapon options, including his compact blaster and his A-280-CFE in its pistol configuration. K-2SO, meanwhile, can be assembled carrying Jyn Erso's SE-14 blaster, a grenade, or with his hands free. This expansion also contains four new command cards—three for Cassian Andor and one for K-2SO—as well as two unit cards and nine upgrade cards that let you outfit this pair with additional weapons, gear, and more."

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

"Whether they're battling enemy fighters from the cockpits of their TIE Fighters or on the ground below, Inferno Squad is one of the Empire's most fearsome special forces units and now you can add the leader of this crack team to your Imperial armies. Possessing a keen tactical mind and a deadlier aim, Iden Versio can be an invaluable asset on any mission.

Within this expansion, you'll find finely detailed, unpainted hard plastic miniatures of both Iden Versio and her ID10 seeker droid. Iden Versio herself can be assembled with our without her Inferno Squad helmet and respirator and can also be assembled with three distinct weapon options, letting you build the miniature that fits the look of your army. In addition to these miniatures, this expansion also contains four new command cards—three for Iden Versio and one for her ID10 seeker droid—that invite you to experiment with new tactics. Finally, nine upgrade cards give you the power to further customize these units with new weapons, gear, and more."

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