'Star Wars Battlefront II' Gets a New Game Mode This Week

Star Wars Battlefront II players can expect a new game mode to be added to the game this week on [...]

Star Wars Battlefront II players can expect a new game mode to be added to the game this week on March 26th, a mode that takes players through multiple phases. Called "Capital Supremacy," the mode will have players fight on the ground initially to capture various command posts before taking to the air as the winners of the first phase try and take down enemies' capital ship. Those who lost what's called the "Ground Phase" will have to hold off the incoming invasion to win.

Capital Supremacy will release for all platforms on March 26th, a post on Electronic Arts' site read said. Featuring two teams of 20 that also have 12 AI-controlled troopers, players will fight for control of five different command posts while using classes, vehicles, and reinforcements. This also marks the first time that AI-controlled troopers will be in the game's PvP modes, DICE explained.

"Hold on, did we just announce the presence of AI controlled troopers in Capital Supremacy?" the post said. "That's right, for the first time in any PVP mode in Star Wars Battlefront II, AI ground troops will battle alongside and against you, contest the command posts, and be additional targets for the players to rain fire upon – upping the intensity of the combat even more!

Capturing more command points will gain teams reinforcements, and amassing enough of those reinforcements will win them the Ground Phase. How well a team does in that phase determines how many reinforcements they'll have in the Invasion Phase that takes place next.

In part two of Capital Supremacy, a space battle will let the two teams face off again. It'll only be actual players in this mode though with the AI units left behind in the Ground Phase.

"The mission is now to destroy – or crush the invaders' attempt at doing so – the capital ship from the inside," DICE said. "Attacking as the clones and the heroes of the Clone Wars, you'll take on the Separatist Dreadnought, while on the side of the Separatists and villains, you'll be looking to abolish the Republic Attack Cruiser."

EA's full explanation of Capital Supremacy can be seen here, and Star Wars Battlefront II players can expect to find the mode playable on March 26th.


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