Watch Darth Maul Bring 'Star Wars' Skills to 'Beat Saber'

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace star Ray Park has brought some Sith Lord flair to Beat Saber when he tried the virtual reality game for the first time.

Like a game of Guitar Hero played with lightsabers instead of a plastic guitar, Beat Saber is a virtual reality game that tasks players with slicing through colored notes to the beat of different songs. Two sabers are used, one each hand, to cut through the notes in the right directions and at the correct moments with players needing to invoke some Star Wars-level finesse to stay on beat and time their movements. It makes sense then that fans of these Star Wars actors would ask that they take on the challenge and try Beat Saber, a request which Park has now fulfilled by showing off his time with the game in the video below.

It’s clear Park hasn’t forgotten his Star Wars moves with his legs crouched and his arms moving decisively, but the way he’s playing isn’t an unrealistic style for playing Beat Saber by any means. The notes come quick in Beat Saber, and Park is playing on one of the less challenging difficulties, so some physical activity is definitely needed to play. Walls will come right for players’ faces as well and standing in it will bring them closer to failing a song, so you have to move quickly either left, right, or down to avoid getting hit.


The virtual reality game is available on the PC platform as well as the PlayStation 4 through the PSVR system that Park is using in the video. Those on the PC platform have the benefit of adding custom songs and other mods to change up the experience, but Beat Saber developer Beat Games has promised recently that the DLC to expand the PlayStation 4 version isn’t far away and that future content will be released quicker.

One of those many mods Beat Saber players have at their disposal has to do with Darth Maul as well by merging the two sabers into the villain’s signature weapon. It’s not quite as practical as using them separately, but it’s about as close to Darth Maul as anyone who’s not Ray Park can hope to get.