Star Wars: Episode I Racer Getting a Re-Release On PC This Week

Star Wars

UPDATE: Another brief gameplay tease has been revealed -- this time with a pod racer. It's happening, Star Wars fans!

ORIGINAL STORY: While Star Wars games are a little more streamlined these days with releases like Star Wars: Battlefront II, there was a time that we got a lot more variety from the likes of LucasArts. This reached a huge point in 1999 with the Star Wars: Episode I games, particularly with Racer, a fast-paced pod racing game that rocked the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and PC platforms.

And while that game may not see any kind of high-definition re-release anytime soon (unless, you know, we bug Electronic Arts for it enough), we are at the very least getting a PC re-release...and that beats nothing. released a teaser trailer on its Twitter account earlier today, indicating that Racer would be making its way to the PC front this Friday, on May the 4th -- a day that many Star Wars fans love to celebrate.

In the tweet, we see the words, "Engines roaring" and the hashtag "#Maythe4thbewithyou", and while that doesn't officially announce the game, it does hint at its arrival. Plus, the teaser features Jabba the Hutt from the game, signaling the start of the next race. You can see this teaser below.

For those that missed it the first time around, Episode I Racer is an exciting tour-de-force in pod racing excitement, with a number of tracks, vehicles and racers available (including a young Anakin Skywalker), as well as a control scheme that makes it fairly easy to maintain your craft while you master tight turns. The game certainly shows its age now, but it's still a "blast from the past" that's well worth giving a look. (Ask any Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 owner that still have a copy of the game.)

A price point hasn't been given on Episode I Racer yet, but it should likely be available for around $10 or so -- maybe less, depending if GOG hosts a sale. We'll let you know once it arrives, so you can get your pod race on. Just remember not to let your engines overheat, yeah? You don't want your vehicle to become "poo doo," now do you?


If you can't wait, you can check out Star Wars: Episode I Racer now for Dreamcast and Nintendo 64.