New Star Wars Game Seemingly Teased by Insider

A new Star Wars video game has seemingly been teased by a reliable industry insider. Although the details of this project are quite vague at the time of this writing, it looks as though developer Quantic Dream, which previously created titles such as Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain may be the team helming this new Star Wars game. 

In a recent post on social media, notable video game leaker Tom Henderson shared an image that seemed to suggest Quantic Dream could be working on a Star Wars game. The image that Henderson shared in question featured a character from Quantic Dream's most recent title, Detroit: Become Human, with a pair of lightsabers emblazoned over the character's face. Henderson didn't provide a caption alongside this tweet to comment on what the image could mean, but many quickly inferred that this seems to suggest that a Star Wars project from Quantic Dream could be in the works. 

At this point in time, there seems to be some plausibility to the potential rumor for a number of reasons. For starters, Quantic Dream has been quite quiet in recent years and we currently do not know what the studio might be working on. Even though the company could absolutely be working on anything other than a Star Wars title, the fact that we currently have no clue what the studio might be doing doesn't necessarily disqualify such a project from being in the realm of possibility. 

There's also the fact that publishing LucasFilm Games has seemed very open to sharing the Star Wars video game license around to various studios in recent years. While publisher Electronic Arts previously had the exclusive rights to publish all Star Wars video game projects, that has started to change within recent months. Even though EA still has titles such as Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that it will continue to work on, other companies such as Ubisoft and Aspyr have also started to work on games in this iconic universe. As such, for LucasFilm Games to look to work with Quantic Dream wouldn't be a huge surprise. 

Still, per usual with rumors of this type, take everything with a grain of salt for the time being. Until we officially hear more from LucasFilm Games on this matter, it should definitely not be assumed at face value that Quantic Dream is absolutely working on a Star Wars game. 

If this rumor does prove to be true though, how would you feel about it? Let me know your reaction either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.