Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and More EA Games Are Coming to Google Stadia

Google Stadia users will soon have some big titles from Electronic Arts made available on the platform following an announcement from Google shared on Tuesday during a Stadia Connect. Five Electronic Arts games have been confirmed for a release on the Google Stadia platform, but only know what three of them are at this time. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the headliner of the Google Stadia announcements from Electronic Arts while the most recent Madden NFL and FIFA games will also be added to the service's catalog. The Star Wars game will be available in the fall while both of the sports games will be playable in winter.

The three games kicked off the game announcements at the start of the Google Stadia Connect video seen above which was released Tuesday. When they're released, people who use Google Stadia will be able to play these games through a variety of devices and with their preferred controller options while they play either by themselves or against others.

Exact release dates for the new games weren't shared, though expect more information on that to come soon since Google said it'd have more to share on all its games later on. The Stadia Connect also announced several other games planned for a release on the platform, some of which were already known ahead of time.

Until we get those release dates, be sure to check out our review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – a snippet of which is found below – to see if it's for you.


"With the skillful, dynamic gameplay and the lukewarm story in the Star Wars timeline taken into consideration, the question of how this game holds up becomes a two-part query: is it a good game, and is it a good Star Wars game? The answer to the first question is an easy one. Heavy on adventure and cinematic style, Fallen Order is absolutely a game worth anyone's time if you've got even an inkling of interest in Star Wars. You won't feel left behind, thanks to the new characters, if you're less familiar with Star Wars, and those who know the fandom inside and out will pick up on clever nods and filled-in blanks. You could remove the Star Wars wrappings and it'd still be a fantastic experience which could be construed as both a positive and a negative. So many Star Wars experiences are based off prior exposure now that it'd be nearly impossible for one person to have the same experience with this story as another, but even if you knock the story, everything else about the game is solid and worth your time."