Star Wars: Legion Reveals Imperial Bunker Battlefield Expansion

Star Wars: Legion is all about placing your units and vehicles in the most advantageous situations against your opponent, and that task will become a bit more difficult for the Rebellion with the introduction of the new Imperial Bunker Battlefield Expansion. Fantasy Flight's new expansion will add a brand new Bunker miniature to the game, which as you can see in the image below is already rather impressive, and it also comes with six computer terminal miniatures that can be used in conjunction with the Bunker or integrated into your overall campaign by themselves. The expansion also includes six new battle cards, which can be used to create a two-part scenario that you can play during your next session.

The Bunker Expansion can be used in that session as its own scenario, which starts out with tasking the red player with rescuing prisoners that the Empire has apprehended. They are being held in the Bunker, and so it's up to the Red Player to break through the blast door and free them, and they can bring along a 900 point army and will surprise the Blue Player.

While Red has the advantage in Part 1, the Blue Player has the advantage in Part 2. The Bunker becomes surrounded and secured, and the Red Player now has to find a way to disable it by detonating objective tokens inside it. In addition to having to get past the Bunker's defenses, the Blue Player's units inside the Bunker can help out their fellow Troopers outside with details and information that will help them against the Red Player's units.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

If you just want to add a new wrinkle to your regular game of Legion, however, you can certainly do that. You can battle outside or inside the Bunker, as the door opens up to allow your units inside. This opens up plenty of options and once you throw in the terminals you've got another fun night of tabletop ahead of you. You can check out the official description below.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

"As outposts and data centers, Imperial bunkers play a pivotal role in securing the Empire's reign over the galaxy. Found on Imperial-controlled planets such as Scarif and the forest moon of Endor, these bunkers keep safe some of the Empire's most vital military secrets and command centers. Whether protecting what lies within, or fighting to extract vital information, any battle fought over a bunker could stand as a turning point in the war.

This Battlefield Expansion contains one unpainted, finely sculpted Imperial Bunker miniature and six modular computer terminal miniature miniatures that can enhance any Star Wars: Legion battlefield. Alternatively, six new battle cards make this miniature the centerpiece of an exciting, two-act scenario that sees both sides battling for the bunker."


The new Imperial Bunker Battlefield Expansion will hit stores in the fourth quarter of this year and will retail for $74.95.

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