Stardew Valley Confirmed For PlayStation Vita, New Multiplayer Details

(Photo: Multiplayer Screenshot)

There's even less of a reason now not to check out the instantly popular game Stardew Valley. Chucklefish has officially announced, and confirmed earlier rumors, that the highly addictive game will be joining the PlayStation Vita roster, so you can farm on the go from the Sony side too!

In addition to new port, the dev team also revealed some new information about their planned multiplayer updates and even more language support coming to the game. Here's what Chucklefish had to say about what's on the horizon for Stardew fans:

"So, multiplayer is coming along nicely! Tom is working on implementing marriage between players, and recently finished up working on festivals. Now you’ll have someone to dance with at the Flower Dance, even if you’ve yet to win over any of the residents of Pelican Town. We had been planning to launch a multiplayer beta before the end of this year, but we’re pushing that beta back to Q1 2018 in order to make room for polish and QA.

I’m happy to announce that a PS Vita port is actually happening! It’ll be available next year, and it’ll have cross-buy too, so if you’ve got Stardew Valley on Playstation 4 you won’t need to buy it again to play it on your PS Vita! However, it’s worth noting that we can’t port the multiplayer update to PS Vita.


ALSO! Stardew Valley is getting more language support! Support for French, Italian, Korean and Turkish will be added in 2018."

Stardew Valley is now available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC ... with the PlayStation Vita drop coming soon. That's a lot of options to play!