New Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch Competitor Leaks Ahead of Reveal

With the Steam Deck dominating Valve's list of top-sellers and the Nintendo Switch now having one handheld competitor at this point, another company is looking to debut a third on-the-go rival. Logitech announced recently this month its intentions to come out with a "cloud gaming handheld," but before Logitech and its partner, Tencent, could officially reveal the device, it seems to have already leaked. Images supposedly showing off this handheld unit surfaced online this week and were taken down shortly afterwards, but not before those same images were reshared elsewhere for more to see.

Evan Blass first shared three images showing off the new cloud gaming device from Logitech, but those images didn't stay up for long. Another image shared after the first three were taken down depicted a listing for the device which included a rundown of its specifications, but seeing how the thing hasn't officially been revealed yet, we don't yet know if all of these are accurate.

Other users on social media soon reshared the images in question, so they're all out there for those interested to easily find at this point.

The leaked images and the supposed specs show that this will be an Android device, and on the display shown, we see Xbox and Steam icons among others. Both of those platforms have notably made strides in ensuring their games are playable via cloud-based technologies with the Xbox Game Pass catalog in particular being an attractive source of games like this that can be played off of a traditional console. When Logitech announced the device, the tech company touted the promising qualities of cloud gaming and specifically mentioned Xbox as well as the NVIDIA GeForce NOW platform.

"Logitech G and Tencent Games share a mutual vision of the future of gaming and are committed to ensuring the quality of experience comes together seamlessly to deliver on the exciting promise of gaming from the cloud," the press release shared previously said. "Cloud gaming utilizes data center servers to stream video games to consumers. There's no need to download or install PC or console games. Instead, games are rendered and played on remote servers, and users interact with them locally on their devices."

Logitech has not officially revealed its new handheld device, but a page on the company's site offers a place to sign up for more info when that becomes available.