Mod Adds Women's Soccer Database to Football Manager 18

A new modding project is adding women's soccer teams to the popular PC title Football Manager '18. [...]


A new modding project is adding women's soccer teams to the popular PC title Football Manager '18. The project, listed and live today via the Steam Workshop, adds hundreds of athletes to the roster, and revamps the game to put the player in charge of their favorite European women's soccer teams.

Steam user FMGuru has created a few Football Manager mods before, but this, by far, seems like it's been the biggest project to date. "I have done a few women's databases in the past but always just by creating a nation and using nation rules to create leagues," FMGuru writes on the mod's official page. "For the first time I have attempted to create a whole new database almost from scratch. All men have been removed from the official database and women will start as free agents."

This gives players the option to hand-select and sign their dream teams from the league. So far, the project has taken a total of 520 hours, and what's available now seems like just the beginning. "This is the first edition of my women's database so it is still very much a work in progress," writes FMGuru. "I will be expanding the database so the major teams are more complete while also updating teams as signings occur as many transfer windows are open." The current roster boasts over 500 available athletes and non-athletes, mostly from England and Scotland. Additionally, several national players are available from Wales, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

Notably, this is just the first edition of this mod, and its listed Steam Workshop goals are only halfway complete. It's likely that we'll see teams branch out from Europe soon into other territories, so follow along on the project's official page, Twitter, or Facebook for more updates.

Football Manager '18 is available to play now on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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Source: Steam Workshop