Steamed Hams Gets Reimagined As a Segment From The Simpsons Arcade Game

It’s funny how The Simpsons is responsible for some of the better gags making their way around [...]

Simpsons Steamed 3
(Photo: Artfonpro Twitter)

It's funny how The Simpsons is responsible for some of the better gags making their way around the Internet these days. First off, we got the Super Nintendo Chalmers joke reborn, but with an actual Super Nintendo system. Now, it's time for "Steamed Hams" to get a turn. (And no, they're not actually putting it on a ham.)

In case you missed it, this segment for debuted in the episode Skinner and the Superintendent back in season seven of the series, and we included it below for good measure. Since it's come back around, fans have been reimagining it in a number of ways – but a particular Twitter artist has outdone themselves.

An artist that goes by the name of Artfonpro, who's currently working on graphics for the upcoming Harem Protagonist dating sim, has put together some great screenshots for the Steamed Hams segment, though stylized as if they were taken straight out of the 1991 Simpsons arcade game produced by Konami. The art style is pretty much perfect, and features Principal Skinner as "player one" as he comes across his burning hams, only to replace them with Krusty brugers in the hopes of pleasing Chalmers. You can see all of the images below.

Simpsons Steamed
(Photo: Artfonpro Twitter)
Simpsons Steamed 2
(Photo: Artfonpro Twitter)
Simpsons Steamed 4
(Photo: Artfonpro Twitter)

These are pretty inspired, even if some fans have noted they're based more around the PC version of the arcade game, rather than the original arcade code. But who cares, they're still fantastic – and make us hungry for some steamed hams. (Not burnt, please.)

We've also seen some interesting reimaginings of "Steamed Hams" into other games, including this hilarious video clip in which it's incorporated into the world of Guitar Hero:

Here's another fun clip, this one fashioned after the classic Konami game Metal Gear Solid, in case you're in the mood for a laugh.

And here's an 8-bit version, in case youw ant to be taken back to the old school. Mind you, it's a bit garbled.

There are plenty of other edits of the "Steamed Hams" clips in various ways all across YouTube, so feel free to look around.

And, yeah, Konami, maybe it's time to give The Simpsons another digital re-release, this time for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We loved it on the previous systems, and a new version with online support would be right at home – even without the "Steamed Hams".