Strange Brigade Gets an Extended Gameplay Trailer

Rebellion released a new Strange Brigade trailer today that gives an extended overview of the [...]

Rebellion released a new Strange Brigade trailer today that gives an extended overview of the co-op gameplay.

Set in the 1930s with players controlling an unlikely group of adventurers deployed to take on a supernatural threat, Strange Brigade supports up to four players in the adventure. You can play by yourself if you prefer, but the game's online co-op option will let players take control of all four of the starting characters, each with their own powers and weapons to make use of. Each of those characters were shown off in detail in the trailer as well with a focus on their tools that they bring to the challenge.

"Explore ancient civilizations, uncover untold mystery and unearth astonishing artefacts BUT … it's not all tickety-boo and afternoon tea!" Rebellion's trailer teases. "No, The Brigade's primary mandate is to dispatch evil wherever it may lurk."

The game puts the four players up against swarms of the undead that come in various sizes and forms. Mummies, skeleton pirates, and mythical beasts are just a few of the enemies shown in the trailer with many more hopefully waiting for players later on. To fight these enemies, players can use magical amulets that bestow upon them different powers ranging from raising the undead to turning enemies into chickens. Along with an arsenal of standard weapons like riles and submachine guns, players can all find prototype weapons that can be used for a limited time along with other trinkets that further augment abilities.

Along with the Campaign mode that'll guide players through the story, there's also a Horde and Score Attack mode to offer different experiences. Both of these modes can also be played alone or with friends as well, so you can spend time in the alternate modes while you wait for your friends to get on for some co-op.

Strange Brigade is also coming with a season pass option to give players more content after the release. Another campaign – this one consisting of three different parts – five new characters, and more weapons, items, and amulets are included in the season pass, those details seen here in our previous report.

Rebellion plans to launch Strange Brigade in a few weeks on August 28, but you can preorder the game now to get some free content ahead of its release date.