'Stranger Things 3: The Game' Release Date Revealed

Today, during Nintendo Switch's special indie showcase, developer BonusXP announced that its [...]

stanger things 3
(Photo: Netflix)

Today, during Nintendo Switch's special indie showcase, developer BonusXP announced that its upcoming retro-style, pixel-art adventure, Stranger Things 3: The Game, will release on July 4, the same day the third season of the popular Netflix show airs. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear if the game is only launching on Nintendo Switch this day, or its other platforms as well. You'd presume the latter is the case, but it's currently not specified.

Whatever the case, a new trailer showing the game off was released to accompany the announcement. You can check it out below, courtesy of Nintendo:

Details on the game are currently pretty light, but we do know players with be exploring Hawkins, solving puzzles, and battling whatever emerges from The Upside Down. The game features 12 playabale characters, and is playable from start to finish in co-op, though only locally.

It's interesting to see Netflix hand over one of its most valuable IPs to a smaller indie studio to create a smaller indie game. Either Netflix doesn't believe in the potential of games that much or it can't get any good pitches for a Stranger Things game to land on its desk. I'm not saying the game from DoubleXP looks bad, but if I was Netflix and I wanted to make a Stranger Things game, I'd go out and get a AAA studio to make a AAA game. I don't know, I guess Stranger Things just seems like too big of an IP to simply make a smaller indie title out of.

Whatever the case, the game is releasing this July, and at the very least it has some release synergy going with the new season of the show. Speaking of the show, a new trailer for it was released today, which you can enjoy by clicking right here.


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