Save 37% on the Street Fighter Arcade1Up Cabinet Today Only


Arcade1Up's compact retro game cabinets are affordable enough that building your own home arcade might actually be doable on a budget. That having been said, Arcade1Up's Street Fighter cabinet (includes: Street Fighter ll Champion Edition, Street Fighter ll The New Challengers, and Street Fighter ll Turbo) is only $187.50 on Amazon until the end of the day today, September 9th (or while supplies last). This is the cheapest price we have ever seen a popular Arcade1Up cabinet go for.

Note that official risers that increase the height of the cabinet by 1-foot are available here for $44.99. The official specs for the Street Fighter cabinet are as follows:

  • 3/4 Scale of classic arcade cabinets! Dimensions: 45.8” H x 22.75” H x 19” W. Weight: 58.5lbs
  • 3 Games in 1 (Street Fighter ll Champion Edition, Street Fighter ll The New Challengers, Street Fighter ll Turbo)
  • Upgraded 17" Color LCD screen. Resembles the classic arcade controls.
  • Commercial-grade construction. Resembles original artwork
  • Coinless operation, Owner can adjust the volume, On Screen Game Selection Menu. Plugs into an AC outlet

On a related note, Arcade1Up announced back in June that a TMNT arcade cabinet would be released that includes the games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1989 and Turtles in Time from 1991. Not only that, it would be the first Arcade1Up machine to accommodate up to four players. It launched at Walmart last month for $399.99 and quickly sold out, but keep tabs on that link for a restock.


Walmart also got the Marvel Super Heroes cabinet (which was announced alongside the TMNT version) without a custom riser, but that also sold out of the first batch quickly. Again, keep tabs on this link for a restock. With a generic riser it's $35 cheaper than the version with the custom riser and $55 cheaper than the Special Edition version sold directly through Arcade1Up.

The Marvel Super Heroes Arcade1Up cabinet features the original arcade versions of Marvel Super Heroes, X Men: Children of the Atom, and The Punisher.

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