Super Bomberman R’s Latest Update Adds Classic Konami Characters, New Maps

Konami is keeping business with Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch moving right along, as [...]


Konami is keeping business with Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch moving right along, as it's provided a new update for the game that introduces some great new content – as well as a Silent Hill legend that looks a bit weird in the Bomberman universe.

The latest patch, numbered Patch 1.4, includes the introduction of team battles. With these, players can "create their own teams to battle against other players from around the world". The battles can be arranged so that three or four teams can face off against one another, with the winning team being whoever's left standing after the bombs go off. In addition, the mode allows you to pit one team against the four remaining teams "to create the ultimate challenge," according to the company.

Battle Mode also has some new territory to cover, with the addition of four new maps within it – Plain Floor, Desert Fort, Panic Factory and the Classic Conveyor Belt, which was a fan favorite in previous Bomberman games. The maps can be purchased through the in-game store, and cost a little bit more than usual, but if you're an avid multiplayer fan, you should be able to build up currency and unlock them with no problem.

Finally, a trio of classic Konami characters have been added to the game to provide a bit of diversity. First up is a character based on the classic Vic Viper ship from Gradius, with the ability to quickly move around a map. There's also a character based on Castlevania's Simon Belmont, who can use a secondary whip to temporarily stun opponents and grab bombs, in case he needs to get out of harm's way.

And finally, there's Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, reborn here as the Pyramid Bomber. He can actually beat enemies "instantaneously" when he comes into contact with them, actually making him deadlier than the bombs he drops. So, yeah…watch your step around that guy, will you?

Konami 2

The characters also need to be unlocked in the shop, but they go for a mere 10 coins apiece, so you should have no trouble attaining them.

The update is available now for Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch. Check it out!