Super Bomberman R’s Latest Update Brings A New Mode And Characters

While Konami may not be doing too much within the video game industry, it’s at least putting its [...]


While Konami may not be doing too much within the video game industry, it's at least putting its support in the right places with certain products. That includes Super Bomberman R, which made its debut on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year and has seen an, ahem, explosive response from the community.

The company already updated the game before to include some peculiar classic characters, including Bombermen based on the Castlevania Belmont line and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, but now it's gone and added another big update, with a variety of new characters and modes that will keep fans happy.

First up, update 1.4, which is what it's being called, adds two new battle stages to the game, in the form of Nine Areas and Critical Path. These can be picked up in the shop, free of charge.

In addition, there are various tweaks that are available for camera and controls within the game, along with a few bug fixes.

But let's get to the stuff that really matters – new content! There are several new characters in the mix, including the Reiko Bomber, based on the wrestler from Rumble Roses, as well as a Goemon Bomber! Here's the full rundown:

  • Option Bomber A
  • Option Bomber B
  • Reiko Bomber
  • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
  • Jehuty Bomber
  • Anubis Bomber
  • Dracula Bomber,
  • Princess Tomato Bomber
  • Bubble Head Bomber
  • Goemon Bomber

They too are available within the shop, and free of charge.

Finally, there's a new mode called the Grand Prix mode. It's an essential Battle Mode that stretches across two rounds, with the teams trying to get the most points possible. Your player will return to the battlefield if they get destroyed earlier on in the match, but be careful – some blocks will begin to drop off and make the stage smaller as you go along.

These updates are available now, and should give you a little more to play alongside your friends, or on your own if you prefer to go solo. Whatever the case, we can't wait to see who's left standing between Goemon Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber. That's going to be a close match.

Super Bomberman R is available now for Nintendo Switch.