Watch: Playing Super Mario 64 at 60 FPS Changes Everything

Kaze Emanuar has made quite a name for himself with his Nintendo themed hacks, including projects like Super Mario 64 Maker and other impressive pieces of work, all of which you can see here.

But for his latest project, Kaze has gone back to the old-school...but with a twist. He’s managed to recreate the Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64, although it now runs at twice the speed of the original game. Yep, it’s plumber platforming at 60 frames per second and it’s really good.

Granted, the footage for the game, which you can see above, is a bit on the brief side, clocking in at just under three minutes. But Kaze notes that it’s a work in progress.

It starts with a look at a Bowser boss stage with Mario speed-running his way through the world. It continues to run at a solid 60 FPS throughout, even with the smaller visual details staying intact. It’s a bit on the technical side as Kaze talks through it, but it’s impressive. We were just hoping to see the boss battle running with this new emulator. Perhaps next time.

He then runs a video that shows the two versions of Mario 64 running side by side. On the left, you have the original Mario 64; and on the right, the 60 FPS version. As you can see they run with the same clarity, but the new version looks better in some aspects. He then notes that the small timing difference comes from the new frame rate but the game still plays the same. So don’t be too alarmed.

We then get a final look, this time at the opening levels for the game just outside of Peach’s castle and then into the first world. It’s an incredible sight even though some of the textures are slightly messy. Flying actually looks awesome in its early phase, with Mario swooping over the level with ease.

It’s unknown just how much more work Kaze is putting into the project just yet. However, he’s getting quite a bit of feedback on this Reddit thread, mostly on the technical side.


One user notes, “Mario’s eyes still look kinda creepy in this one,” though that’s the fault of the developers and not Kaze. Also, another fan said, “Out of all the Mario 64 texture packs I've seen, this is probably the best one. Actually jives decently with the poly count and shaders.”

We’ll let you know how work progresses on this one as time goes on. Say, a remastered Super Mario 64 would be a good release for the Nintendo Switch, yeah? Think it over, Nintendo.