Super Mario Bros. 35: How to Unlock Luigi in the Game

Super Mario Bros. 35 players have discovered that Luigi is a secret playable character in the Nintendo Switch game. Mario's brother can be selected for use in the game by players that reach Star Rank and complete every level. Once this has been accomplished, players can switch between the brothers by pressing the "L" button, appropriately enough! As in the original game, Luigi is simply a palette swap for the elder brother; the character wouldn't get his trademark jump until the release of Super Mario Bros. 2. Still, it's a neat inclusion, and it should give players some bragging rights for completing the task!

While Luigi has been around nearly as long as Mario, the younger sibling is often given the short end of the stick. In the early days of the internet, Super Mario 64 players spent countless hours trying to unlock the character, but rumors about his presence in the game turned out to be just that. Since then, however, the character has received his own spin-off series and appeared as an unlockable character in games like Super Mario Galaxy. The character might not be as popular as his older brother, but he clearly has a devoted fanbase of his own, and they'll be happy to see him in Super Mario Bros. 35!

Released earlier this month, Super Mario Bros. 35 is a free download for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. In the game, 35 players compete to be the last plumber standing. Similar to Tetris 99, as players take out enemies, they can send them into the levels of opposing players, in order to make things more difficult. It's a neat take on the original game, and has already proven to be a pretty big hit with longtime fans.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, Super Mario Bros. 35 will only be available for a limited time. According to Nintendo, fans can download the game through March 31st. If fan demand is strong enough, it stands to reason that the company could extend the deadline, or get rid of it completely. However, to be on the safe side, those interested in the title will want to check it out sooner, rather than later!

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