Super Mario-Themed Nintendo Switch OLED Rumored to Release Soon

A Mario-themed Nintendo Switch may coincide with the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Rumor has it that Nintendo is working on another new Nintendo Switch variant with the company supposedly gearing up to announce a Nintendo Switch OLED model themed after Mario himself. This rumor follows the confirmation from this week that a new Nintendo Direct would be coming up soon, one that's supposed to be based entirely around the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder. However, the design of the Nintendo Switch may not be quite as Mario-themed as the Nintendo poster child's fans might've hoped for, but it'll at least provide a new option for a different Switch variant for those who've been looking.

The leaked Nintendo Switch OLED was talked about by billbil-kun, the insider who has basically a perfect track record with confirming upcoming PlayStation Plus games and has insights into Nintendo news and more as well. According to the leaker, the new Switch will be called "Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – Mario Red Edition."

Mario-Themed Nintendo Switch's Visuals and Release Date

So, what does a Mario-themed Nintendo Switch look like? Good guesses would include a red Switch perhaps with Mario's face or a golden start on it with maybe even a mushroom somewhere to be found, but according to the leaks, only part of those guesses would be true. The report about the new Nintendo Switch suggested that the "Red Edition" part of the name will be its defining factor. The Joy-Con controllers will be red, the docking station will be red, and the leaker suggested that other parts of the console like the volume buttons will also be red. At this time, the leaker said that they'd seen a visual showing off the new console to support these claims, but they added that they were unable to share the photo due to legal reasons, so we haven't yet seen what the console will look like even though a red Switch is pretty easy to imagine. The leaker also suggested that there are no plans right now for any Mario-themed designs on the Switch.

As for the release date, no specific one was mentioned, but it's thought that the Switch will release in October which is the same month when Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be out.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

In case you haven't been keeping up, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the new Mario game that was shown off not long ago, the one where Mario can turn into an elephant. That's one of several different powerups new to the game with Mario himself being just one of several different characters you'll be able to play as in the multiplayer game (you can play it solo, too).

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is due to come to the Nintendo Switch on October 30th, so we should see the new Mario-themed Switch out on that day if not sooner seeing how Nintendo sometimes likes to get its Switch variants for specific games out before the games themselves.