'Super Meat Boy' Dev Confirms Surprise Game Announcement is Fake

The creators of Super Meat Boy teased their followers with an RPG based on the arm wrestling movie Over the Top, but despite how excited some people were at the prospect of the game, it was all a joke.

The idea that Team Meat would create such a game wasn’t wholly unbelievable to the studio’s fans seeing how the core games the group is known for are centered around a meaty character avoiding deadly obstacles in a struggle against an evil scientist named Dr. Fetus. When Team Meat tweeted to say its actual new game called Super Meat Boy Forever was being wrapped up, it segued that into the strange “announcement” of the Over the Top RPG. People weren’t sure whether to believe it, but many were open to it.

After checking with Team Meat to make sure there was no truth to the teaser and that fans of the developers and the movie shouldn’t get their hopes up, Super Meat Boy designer and Team Meat co-founder Tommy Refenes confirmed to ComicBook.com that there aren’t any plans to create such a game, though that doesn’t mean he’s not open to it.

“For the record, I think it would be really fun to make an RPG based off that movie,” Refenes said when reached for comment. “The absurdity would be real. Maybe I'll call Warner Brothers after this whole SMBF thing is done!”


A similar answer was shared as on Twitter as a follow-up to Team Meat’s initial tweets to temper anyone’s expectations if they were hoping for the game to be a reality.

What Team Meat does have coming though is Super Meat Boy Forever, the next game in the Super Meat Boy franchise that’s due out sometime in April. Team Meat revealed the release window for the new game recently and also confirmed it’d be an Epic Games Store exclusive on the PC for a year before it becomes available on Steam. The console versions for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 are all due out in April of this year as well.