Universal Studios Japan to Open Mario Cafe & Store

Alongside new information about plans to open the Super Nintendo World park at Universal Studios Japan sometime early next year, Nintendo and Universal also announced the opening of a Super Mario-themed café and shop that'll exist within the Hollywood Area of Universal Studios Japan. Inside the shop will be a ton of Mario apparel, collectibles, and other themed products available to purchase while the café will serve up some different foods colored red and green like Mario and Luigi and will offer souvenirs like mushroom cups and mustache straws. The café and store will open on October 16th to give people a taste of the Super Mario plans before the park fully opens.

A preview of the café and the store shared by Nintendo gave us a much better visualization of what the plans for the two attractions are whenever they come to Universal Studios Japan. The buildings will be hard to miss with big sculptures of Mario and Luigi's hats outside and the red and green colors covering the exterior. Once you're inside, you'll know you're in the right place when you see things like pipes, Koopa shells, Piranha Plants, and other remnants from the Mushroom Kingdom adorning the walls and other parts of the interiors.

A preview of some of the food that'll be sold in the café showed a menu that doesn't look half bad if you're looking for a memorable treat to commemorate your trip to the Super Mario attraction. Foods and drinks again designed with Mario and Luigi in mind were previewed along with a collectible mushroom bottle featuring the iconic mushroom design from the Mario games.

Super Nintendo World Cafe
(Photo: Nintendo)

"Guests will be able to order from a themed menu in this stylish café full of Mario charm," Universal said about the café. "They will be able to enjoy delicious Super Mario pancake sandwiches and cream sodas, or drink their favorite beverage inside a Super Mushroom Souvenir Bottle."

In the shop, you'll find many more Mario-themed things you can take home with you. Some of the items previewed included Mario apparel like shirts, of course, along with pillows and a pouch set. Other gift store-like products such as keychains and smartphone cases will also be sold there.


It'll still be a while before people get to fully experience the Super Nintendo World when it opens in Japan early next year, so we'll have to look forward to the opening of the café and store before then to hold us over.