More Super Nintendo World Footage Surfaces Online

Nearly 19 minutes of Super Nintendo World footage has been shared online recently to offer a close look at different parts of the Mario-themed playground being built at Universal Studios Japan. The footage shows the park both illuminated at night and in greater detail during the day with Goombas, coins, Piranha Plants, and other parts of the Mushroom Kingdom scattered about. There also appears to be a new noteworthy addition to the park that we haven't seen before in footage and images released previously.

Footage of the construction of Super Nintendo World can be seen below after it was uploaded to YouTube. Spinning coins and moving animatronics like the Goombas and Koopas make the park seem more alive even with nobody there to see it aside from those working on Super Nintendo World.

The user who uploaded the video also pointed out that there's a new feature that's been added to the park. A Thwomp now sits right below the frigid level that's been constructed near the top of the park. You can see it in greater detail around five minutes into the video, and around eight minutes in, you can see it at night with its eyes lit up red as it moves up and down exactly as you'd expect the structure to if it were in a game.

Based on what's seen in the video and what we know from past updates on the park, it looks as though construction is nearing completion at Universal Studios Japan. However, the opening of the park has reportedly been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. That's not too surprising of an update, but it hasn't been confirmed yet whether the Universal Studios Japan park's opening will indeed be pushed back.

Super Nintendo World will not be limited to just Universal Studios Japan though. Its progress in Universal Studios Orlando has indeed been delayed according to the NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell who said the Epic Universe project in Florida was on pause right now. Work is still being done on the Super Nintendo World venue at Universal Studios Hollywood however with the first signs of progress on that park seen in past months as set pieces arrived to be put together.


Whenever the parks are opened, one of the most enticing features teased besides being able to go to a Mario-themed park is the use of some "Power Up Bands" that integrate tech and individual progress into the experience. It's been said these will be used with smartphones and may even have a way to connect to Nintendo Switch devices.